New driveways and parking lots

Do you have a new home or business that doesn’t have an asphalt driveway or parking lot yet? Or maybe your driveway or parking lot is very old and wasn’t kept up properly. ASR Paving can help, we will dig up and grade whatever is currently residing in you parking surface and put down fresh and professional looking asphalt at your home or business.

We start by digging out and grading your current driveway or parking lot and haul the excess materials away. Our next step is normally to apply weed killer if needed. Next, we put down 4 inches of 21A grade stone and compact to act as the base for your new driveway. Last we pave your new asphalt surface with 2 and a half inches of asphalt that will be compacted to 2 inches of the new driveway or parking lot.

*NOTE: Some commercial jobs require more material to be used depending on traffic or vehicle weight.